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About SPE

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is the largest individual-member worldwide organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of E&P industry.

In 1957, the organization was officially founded as SPE, a constituent society of AIME. SPE became a separately incorporated organization in 1985. SPE history begins within the American Institute of Mining Engineers (AIME). AIME was founded in 1871 in Pennsylvania, USA, to advance the production of metals, minerals, and energy resources through the application of engineering. In 1913, a standing committee on oil and gas was created within AIME and proved to be the genesis of SPE. The Oil and Gas Committee of AIME soon evolved into the Petroleum Division of AIME as membership grew and as interest among the members was more clearly delineated among the mining, metallurgical, and petroleum specializations.


SPE Student Chapter Bochum

Student chapters are located around the world and provide an operating framework for society activities at a university level. Here at International Geothermal Centre (GZB), we aim to establish a new SPE chapter to promote and improve collaboration between university research activities and industry. We aim to offer students, fresh graduates and university members to gain and share their knowledge and benefit at the same time from vast majority of advantages as a member.

Students can become members of our local student chapter and SPE free of charge.

How to join

As we are still in progress to establish our new chapter, we offer you to register to become a member. The registration form and more information about what is SPE, SPE chapter and membership benefits, can be found in the following link :

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The membership is free for students, who hold an academic Email address and it is within a reasonable annular price for University members and staff.

We want to kindly invite you to the first Bochum SPE event in June to come together where everyone can participate in the election for the board of officers. Already save the date for another great event:

Recent events

Detailed Information for our Events in June

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How to join SPE Chapter Bochum

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Advanced Drilling Technologies

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Shahin Jamali


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