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Die "Analyse des deutschen Wärmepumpenmarktes - Studie für das Bundesumweltministerium" finden Sie hier:


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International Scientific and Technical Paper Database

International Geothermal Association

Link to the scientific and technical paper database Icon externer Link of the International Geothermal Association.

The worlds largest geothermal paper database collects papers of international geothermal conferences and events. The database includes over 15,600 contributions. To use the database insert your topic/ country/ year of interest in the search engine and press 'start search' - relevant papers will be presented in PDF format after your search.

IGA News No.92:

C. Cataldi & M.C.S. Arriaga (2016): Our Geothermal Legacy: A historic overview. IGA News Special Number.

IFC and IGA launch Geothermal Best Practice Guide

On 27 March 2013 the International Finance Cooperation (IFC) together with the IGA launched the Best Practice Guide GEOTHERMAL EXPLORATION BEST PRACTICES: A GUIDE TO RESOURCE DATA COLLECTION, ANALYSIS, AND PRESENTATION FOR GEOTHERMAL PROJECTS (pdf, 4 MB) in Istanbul, Turkey.

Over 70 participants attended the event. A technical session and a financial session explained the contents of the Guide and details on project financing and standardized exploration techniques. The agenda of the workshop (pdf, 300 kB) can be downloaded also. Shortly, we will make the presentations available on a separate page.


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Regional geothermal power plant maps

In December 2011 the IGA Secretariat produced three regional geothermal power plant maps in cooperation with the International Geothermal Centre at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences, Germany. The regional maps display geothermal power plants, installed and running capacity, temperature ranges, pictures, plant operators/ ownership, etc.. The maps are available for

  • South Pacific,
  • New Zealand and
  • Central America.

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International Reports

Hier finden Sie aktuelle Veröffentlichungen zu den Themen Energie und Geothermie.

Gesetze / Förderungen


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