GANDOR - Network

The idea

The task is to build a geothermal network in the Danube region. GANDOR project will address, through transnational cooperation, the challenge of turning geothermal research results into new geothermal products and services, by building sustainable partnerships between academia, local authorities and the geothermal industry, resulting in further development of geothermal clusters and emerging industries in the Danube area. The project will analyse existing geothermal clusters and their working environment in different regions participating, and the partners’ complementarities towards geothermal. In the second phase GANDOR may define Joint Action Plan for future growth and prosperity and taking measures towards its implementation.

The GANDOR project will also include the analysis of industry trends and market challenges, in order to find the most attractive strategic segments for the Danube region.

How it will be realized

Three workshops with the 4 universities involved will be held and accompanied by field trips.

The first workshop should be held at the GZB in Bochum in November 2014. The two other ones will be done in the Danube region in spring and early summer 2015. Responsible for the overall management is GZB, responsible for the regional organization are the particular regional partners as hosts, i.e. organization of the workshop-room, invitation of the participants from university, geothermal institutions and regional companies, hotels rooms and catering, busses for the fieldtrips etc..

Before the first workshop an analysis of the existing situation in the particular countries should be prepared by each participant (education, legal framework, geology, market developments). This is the basis of the workshops contents.

Preparing phase 2 of GANDOR a Joint Action Plan will be developed based on the results of the 3 workshops.

Second phase

In addition to the transfer of knowledge and experience during the workshops GANDOR is targeting on an integration of all the necessary players in the geothermal world:

  • Geothermal teaching and research organization in Germany and the Danube region
  • Geothermal enterprises
  • Approving authorities and ministries

Another target is to prepare strategic alliances between the participating universities on the one hand and between universities and geothermal companies on the other hand. This is having in mind both international calls and cooperation in regional projects.

Students exchange should be promoted between the 4 universities using the intensified contacts on the teaching level. Basing on the comparison of the existing curriculae combined teaching should be developed.

By the comprehension of local companies and municipalities an intense local information exchange with the experiences in other areas of the Danube region is possible. On this basis local project development and the economical usability will be supported. Ideally the workshops will make clear the advantages of geothermal energy and will help to avoid repeating of mistakes and will enable new geothermal projects. With each new project experience grows and the chance of all parties involved to benefit is rising.

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