GANDOR - Events

1st Workshop

The first workshop took place 13 - 14th November 2014 and was the first meeting of the founders. Particularly the situation of the geothermal potential of each country was discussed.

  • Venue: Messe Essen and GZB in Bochum, Germany
  • Each Institute presented its:
    • country
    • research institute
    • research priorities
  • Described and analyzed the existing local networks
  • Geothermal topics were inter alia:
    • geometric seismics
    • reservoir modeling
    • drilling engineering
    • plant engineering
  • Demonstration of DMT engineering and consulting company
  • Combined with the DGK 2014 to reach a wider audience

2nd Workshop

The second workshop took place in Szeged, Hungary, 10 - 11th March 2015.

More information will follow.

3rd Workshop

The third workshop will take place in Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia, 26 - 27th May 2015.

More information will follow.

Zusätzliche Information