Hydrothermal in Warstein

Project Participants:

Prof. Dr. W. Rocholl (HS Bochum)
Prof. Dr. R. Bracke (HS Bochum)
Prof. Dr. Th. Rüde (RWTH Aachen)
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) B. Görke MSc (HS Bochum)
M. Buckermann (HS Bochum)
H. Jürgenliemke (FH Höxter)
J. Hoffman (FH Höxter)
K. Küper (FH Höxter)
A. Trabert (FH Erfurt)


Stadtwerke Warstein
Dr. E. Büscher

Warstein is situated on a mighty saddle structure, with middle Devonian limestone down to depths of 900m. This limestone is highly moulded and shows conciliate hydraulically permeability. At the beginning of the project was the vision to use the through the depths of the limestone to be expected temperatures and its permeability for hydro thermal supply of Warsteins infrastructure.

A number of scientific works, which have been coordinated by the Universites of Applied Sciences Aachen, Bochum, Erfurt und Lippe&Höxter, gave results which lead to a specific project concept using the geothermal energy potential.

Following works and publications have been made:

  • Buckermann, M. GIS – rested description of ground water restruction in the area of   Warstein
  • Hoffmann, J. hydro geology of Brilon limestone and their effects on the usability of geothermal energy in the area of Warstein
  • Jürgenliemke, H.  Chemism of the Warstein deep ground waters and their effect on hydro thermal usage
  • Küper, K.  Accounting of the ground water body of Brilon limeston in Warstein
  • Trabert, A.  Infrastructure concept for geothermal energy supply in the area of Warstein 

In a first project-oriented study the technical and economical feasibility of a hydro thermal doublet for the supply of the all-weather swimming pool in Warstein is analyzed.

As a first step this feasibility study is the basis for the project implementation and extension. Next to the technical supply of the heat customer will communal heat-contracting play an important role. The possibility to integrate geothermal energy as regenerative energy source into the low temperature supply of communal infrastructure through contracting-models will be reviewed.

Under the EFRE Ziel 2-Programm 2007-2013 was a project outline in the competition “Energie.NRW” achieved. Target is the support of the Warstein geothermal project as first open-mountain geothermal project in North-Rein-Westphalia. The therewith emerging economic pilot project will enable to catch the Know-How connection to the states of Bavaria or Baden-Wuerttemberg, who are, in the area of hydro thermal energy system, ahead of NRW. 

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