Geothermal-Convoi Brandenburg (Large-Scale Geothermal Electricity Generation)

Project Participants:

Hochtief Construction AG Energy Europe



Project Realisation:

2006 till 2009

The energy utility company ENRO AG based in Essen currently develops the installation of a pool of power plants with an overall electrical output of 25 MW in Finowfurt in Brandenburg. The process engineering concept aims at a heat and electricity generation based on the hot-fractured.-rock (HFR) technology. As subsurface heat exchanger the existing hot vulcanite with temperatures in excess of 150°C (302°F) is developed. To circulate a volume flow that is sufficient to operate the pool of power plants the vulcanite is hydraulically fractured in the first place (Frac-Technology).

The first 2.5 MWel power plant is going to be installed by the end of 2007. The subsurface part is made up by a triplet, i.e. a two production wells to extract the geothermal fluid from its reservoir and one injection well to return the cooled fluid back to the ground.

The installation of the other power plants of the complete pool occurs in the so called “Convoy-Concept”. Successively the pool is extended by clusters. A cluster is a unit of a electrical output of 7.5 MW and comprises three single power plants which requires nine deep hole drillings.

Due to the former intensive oil and gas explorations and the adjacent existence of the GFZ Postdam (center for geothermal research) the geology of the relevant site is relatively good known. These existing exploration data indicates that the site at Finowfurt is especially adequate for geothermal electricity generation as geological formations evidently exist with homogenous properties and in the large scale.

With the aim to utilise these promising geothermal resources the ENRO GeothermieEntwicklung GmbH applied for the permission the conduct their development in the relevant fields.

The GeothermieZentrum is contracted to support the project with scientific and technological research.

Zusätzliche Information

Field of permission and streamlines
supply-characteristic diagram of the cluster concept