Geothermal Potential in Greece

Project Participants:

  • Dr. Grigorios Karydakis (IGME, Athen, GR)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anastassios Moissiadis (Technological Education Institute of Serres, GR)
  • Prof. Dr. Bracke (University of Applied Sciences Bochum, GeothermalCenter)
  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Klarnetsis 

Greece offers due its geological conditions a promising potential for geothermal utilisation of its subsurface matter. Although the geothermal sources are well know, only the direct use of geothermal energy, e.g. for greenhouse heating, is implemented into the Greek Energy Supply. Nevertheless, sufficiently high enthalpies are present to utilise the geothermal potential indirectly to produce electricity.

The GeothermalCenter focuses on the gathering of information and the development of the current geothermal energy supply in Greece. In the scope of this endeavour scientific theses are composed, e.g. Diplom and Master Theses. These cover subjets such as geological conditions, geothermal potentials and infrastructural options.

Furthermore a network of experts dealing with geothermal projects is established to realise the project aims. Networking with Greek institutions started successfully.

A unique possibility to the students of the master program "Geothermal Energy Systems" taught by the GZB is offered by the field trip to this for geothermal energy highly interessting south european country which is planned for 2007.

scientific contributions to this project

Zusätzliche Information

Source: IGME, GR; Change: Klarnetsis