Geothermal site investigation for the fusion-finance-office in Herne

Project Participants:

Prof. Dr. R. Bracke (HS Bochum)
Dipl.-Geophys. G. Bussmann (HS Bochum)
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Katja Winkler (HS Bochum)
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Timm Eicker (HS Bochum)


Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW

For the fusion-finance-office Herne the finance offices Herne-East and Herne-West are centralized. The new building is going to be situated at Markgrafenstraße in Herne. It includes 5 stories with a complete office space of around 6000m². Because the current planning state does not allow a final calculation of the heating and cooling load expedient estimates have been made. Part of the load shall be established through a combination of concrete-core-activation and ventilation system.

On basis of the ascertained geological data the necessary simulations werre accomplished. For depths of 100 – 200 m and ground heat exchanger distances of 10 – 25 m two different scenarios were reviewed.

  • heat source: heat supply
  • heat accumulator: combined heat and cold supply

Through a combination of heating- and cooling-load an additional accumulator effect and the regeneration of the underground entry capacity can be increased. Within the economic feasibility study all possible varieties of the simulation calculation were analyzed. The conventional gas supply was compared to the five best varieties out of the complete economic feasibility study. On examination of the cumulative overall cost and the estimated yearly price increase for each energy carrier geothermal energy reaches from the 9th year on profitability.

Zusätzliche Information

North-West view
Ground heat exchange field with 20 m gap