Deep Geothermal Energy Supply / Düsseldorf

Project Participants:

Prof. Dr. Bracke
Prof. Dr. Clauser
Dr. Pechnig
Dipl.-Geophys. Gregor Bussmann
Dipl.-Phys. Darius Mottaghy
Geophysica GmbH


Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG (Municipally Utility Düsseldorf)

The GeothermalCenter of the University of Applied Sciences was asked by the municipally utility of Düsseldorf to conduct a pre-assessment of the geothermal energy supply by the means of deep geothermal wells in the districts of Düsseldorf.

The aim of this pre-assessment is to show, supported by numerical simulation, which amount of heat is extractable from the ground with geothermal wells of depth between 2,000 and 4,000 meters at the locations of Düsseldorf.

Based on the findings of this study the client evaluates the applicability of geothermal wells, for example, for the increase of the temperature of the water returning from district heating schemes to the gas fuelled power station Düsseldorf-Garath.

First findings are delivered by the conducted calculation of geothermal utilisation of greater depth. However, to supply exact planning information for geothermal energy systems, further analyses are proposed. These mainly embody:

  1. simulation of depth levels of 3,000; 3,500; 4,000 m
  2. long term prediction (>10 years)
  3. support of the reservoir regeneration by heat supply in summer
  4. project-specific simulation to economise performances with regard to parameters of demand and surface conditions

Zusätzliche Information

fazie-distribution in the lower rhine area (source: Geologisches Landesamt NRW, 1998).
prediction of the temperatures in depths up to 3,000 m assuming a heat flux of 70 mW/m² in basalt stone
Result of the simulation of a 3,000 m well for a period of 10 years. A volume flow of 6 m³/h and a thermal extraction power of 50 kW were assumed as parameters. The temperature difference of flow and return is 7.2°C (45°F).