The Energetikum is the energy control centre of the GZB. It houses the heat pumps that provide the heating and the passive and active cooling for the GZB buildings.

Concrete core cooling, panel heater and static radiators are used to efficiently meet the individual heat and refrigeration requirements of the GZB facilities (office space, laboratories, lecture hall, large test hall). Additionally two air conditioning systems are used for climatisation and fresh air supply. The regulation of the system performed by a building management software is simultaneously used to monitor and to optimize the system. A star-shaped field of geothermal probes called "Geostar" is used as geothermal probe.


East facing cylinder of the "GeoStar".

The star-shaped geothermal probe field called "Geostar" is build up of 20 directional boreholes with a depth of 200 m each. An extensive measuring technique consisting of glas fibre measuring points inside the probe system as well as temperature sensors and heat flow meter inside the buildings allows a detailed monitoring of the system. For teaching and educational courses the operating states are visualized.

Heat Pumps
Heat Pumps

The Energetikum houses the four heat pumps with a heat output of 40 kW each. In addition, there is a transparent heat pump from Rehau, which demonstrates the functional principle in detail.

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  • Geology and Geogenic Energy Sources
  • Energy Supply


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