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The International Geothermal Office (IGO) which is located at the Geothermal Centre at the Hochschule Bochum has the aim to encourage the scientific and the technological innovative ability as well as the promotion of the competitive position of German companies especially those that are based in the area of North Rhine –Westphalia. The promotion of scientific institutions working in the sectors of shallow and deep geothermal energy are of course as well of high importance concerning the work within the International Geothermal Office.

The IGO`s fields of activities comprise

  1. The support of export orientated small and medium-sized enterprises and industry cooperations with the transfer of technologies and services. Furthermore we support companies entering new especially international markets by the use of information and knowledge processings, provision of information and through active networking.

  2. The planning, accomplishment or attendance of international information events to give German or rather companies based in the region of North-Rhine Westphalia the possibility to provide them with the particular country-specific conditions of geothermal energy. Moreover we try to create with the help of Matchmakings a platform that offers the companies  relevant contact persons concerning topics of politics, science and the target`s country economy.

  3. The initiation of the Knowhow and technology transfer between economy and science in the international scale.

  4. The identification of national and international geothermal programes concerning research and development with downstream project initiations among German companies especially those based in the area of North Rhine-Westphalia and scientific institutions. In addition to that one of our main goals is the linking-up with international partners from science and economy.

  5. The national and international public relations and the specific knowledge transfer (information events) to improve the positive perception of German geothermal companies, geothermal projects and the technology for the allotment and the use of shallow and deep geothermal energy within the population, decision-makers and politicians.

Within the German Association of geothermal energy (BVG) Icon externer Link the IGO is involved into the work of the committee. Furthermore Dr. Claus Heske participates at the executive committee of the technical committee of deep geothermal energy and of the technical committee of shallow geothermal energy and represents the German Association of geothermal energy (BVG) on international events.

Do you have questions concerning the market entry abroad?

Would you like to give your business an international touch?
Are you interested in starting a research project with an international character or would you like to participate in one?

No matter to what extend you would like to be involved in the geothermal energy sector we would like to support you.

The International Geothermal Office (IGO) is part of the project „Aufbau einer internationalen Wissens- und Transferplattform für geothermische Klimaschutztechnologien“ and is sponsored by the country North Rhine-Westphalia with means from the European fund for regional development (EFRE) 2014-2020 investments in growth and employment.

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