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Applied Research on Geothermal Energy Systems

The postgraduate school AGES is run by University of applied Sciences Bochum and Ruhr-University Bochum. The graduate school aims at: 

  • Interlinking the foundation of research with practical research
  • Development of concepts and technologies for the extraction and use of geothermal energy from petrothermal reservoirs
  • Technologies for the supply of electricity, heating and cooling with geothermal energy in metropolitan areas
  • Research on the acceptance and sustainability of geothermal infrastructure projects


The reconstruction of energy systems worldwide resulted in increased demands of sustainable energy sources. Geothermal energy could play an important role in the district heating of urban areas due to its base load capacity and possibility to combine heating and power. About 80% of the humanity will live in urban areas and Mega-cities by 2050.

Metropolitan areas such as Ruhr, Istanbul, Tokyo or Peking need more than 90% of their energy supply for the heating and cooling of buildings and for this they use fossil energy. Additionally there is a great demand for heating and cooling in industrial applications. In order to put geothermal energy into a central position within the energymix, new technologies need to be developed, which are applicable almost everywhere - i.e. also outside of preferential geological regions and near metropolitan areas.

In Germany 85% of the deep-geothermal potential of energy generation is bound to petrothermal reservoirs of low enthalpy outside of geological preferential regions. They must be developed with the so called Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS). Their development has just started and will be studied leadingly in this new insititution. 

Technology und Acceptance

The realization of geothermal infrastructure projects requires a deep understanding and acceptance among the population. Therefore the development of geothermal reservoirs needs to be environmentally friendly and compatible with ground water. The diverse scientific-technical and psychological and acceptance related challenges can only be solved interdisciplinarily.

Therefore, besides geo-scientists and engineers, also scientists of acceptance and sustainability research work on the social-scientific problems of deep-geothermal problems at the graduate school.

Scientists from all over the world

The International Geothermal Centre is a central platform for research at the Bochum graduate school AGES with a unique infrastructure for geothermal energy in Europe, a claim according to mining law for a testing field that extends 50 km² testing field claim to mining law and an in-situ laborartory. Further there are laboratories and institutions for the demonstration of technologies such as seismological and hydrochemical monitoring stations.

This institution attracts scientist from all over the world. Bochum offers a first class environment for researchers as well as the advantages and strengths through the experiences of dealing with mining related Georessources in the Ruhr area, both technologically and socialogical.

Interdisziplinäre Arbeitsgruppen

Die Graduiertenschule wird nach außen vertreten durch:

Prof. Dr. Rolf Bracke Icon externer Link (HBO, International Geothermal Center / Bohrtechnik und Geothermische Systeme)
Prof. Dr. Jörg Renner Icon externer Link (RUB, Institut für Geologie, Mineralogie und Geophysik / Experimentelle Geophysik).

Beteiligt sind folgende Arbeitsgruppen:

Prof. Dr. Michael Alber Icon externer Link (Ingenieurgeologie & Felsbau),
Prof. Dr. Eckhard Beese Icon externer Link (Fluiddynamik, Strömungsmaschinen & Energietechnik),
Prof. Dr. Sören Eppers Icon externer Link (Baustoffe & Baustofftechnologie),
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Friederich Icon externer Link (Seismologie),
Prof. Dr. Christoph König Icon externer Link (Numerische Methoden),
Prof. Dr. Günther Meschke Icon externer Link (Statik und Dynamik Underground Engineering),
Prof. Dr. Petra Schweizer-Ries Icon externer Link (Gesellschaftliche Akzeptanzforschung & Soziale Nachhaltigkeit),
Prof. Dr. Stefan Wohnlich Icon externer Link (Hydrogeologie & Geochemie)
Prof. Dr. N.N. (Reservoir-Engineering und Gesteinsphysik).


In Abhängigkeit von den sich entwickelnden Fragestellungen werden weitere Institute hinzukommen.

Zusätzliche Information


Prof. Dr. Rolf Bracke

Hochschule Bochum

International Geothermal Center

Lennershofstraße 140

44801 Bochum

T. 0234.3210233

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Prof. Dr. Jörg Renner

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Experimentelle Geophysik

Universitätsstraße 150

44801 Bochum

T. 0234 3224613

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