About the EGPD

The European Geothermal PhD Day (EGPD) aims to provide the growing number of young geothermal scientist with an informal platform of share knowledge, stimulate collaboration and to offer career and networking opportunities.

Participants at any stage of their PhD studies, who are interested in presenting their work to and getting from fellow PhD students or who would like to explore future directions in their research and careers are welcome to join the 8th EGPD.

The EGPD is becoming a tradition in the field with a track record of 7 successful events. A broad range of topics is covered at the EGPD including resources assessment, exploration, reservoir engineering and monitoring, tool and code development, process engineering, sustainability aspects, groundwater studies, geology and structure studies, storage, supply and demand matching and thermodynamics. Furthermore, the scale of the projects ranges from whole continents, nations and regions to specific geothermal fields, reservoirs or even micro-structures.

The EGPD 2017

2017 the EGPD is organized by PhD students from the International Geothermal Centre (GZB) and the Ruhr University Bochum and will take place at the GZB in Bochum, Germany. The 8th EGPD will be a three day event from 01.-03. March 2017. However the preliminary program starts with an Ice-Breaker Party on the 28th of February.

Preliminary Program

Tuesday, 28.02.2017

The 8th EGPD will start with an Ice-Breaker-Party in the evening of the 28th of February.

Wednesday, 01.03.2017

First conference day with presentations and poster sessions. Dinner at night.

Thursday, 02.03.2017

Second conference day with presentations and poster sessions. Dinner at night.

Friday, 03.03.2017

Field trip to a geothermal energy related site. 

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