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Geothermal Energy Systems
as a specialization in the Master Program Environmental Engineering M.Sc.


The securing of a reliable and sustainable energy supply for the next decades will be in the centre of the endeavours of the future academic generations. Europe, with its increasing dependence on energy imports, is going to experience radical changes in the energy supply characteristics of its economy, its cities and regions. To be prepared for the future challenges, creative academics are needed, who think beyond their technical boundaries and develop new approaches towards the energy management issue. For this purpose especially the development and realisation of engineering technologies that are based on sound scientific knowledge are vital. Of equal importance is the technology implementation into urbanistic and infrastructural bodies.

The broadly based integration of the geothermal energy utilisation into the future energy mix will be realised by specialists and managers of the building, energy and utility industries as well as by the governmental administrations. The master program“Geothermal Energy Systems“ is offered to prospective graduates by the Bochum University of Applied Sciences with the support of the International Geothermal Centre (GZB) as a specialisation in the Master program Environmental Engineering Icon externer Link.

The master program is offered in English.

English-speaking students from other universities, who are interested in writing their graduate thesis on a geothermal topic are welcomed at the International Geothermal Centre in Bochum. You will find more information about the current department's research topcis and possible Bachelor and Master Thesis here:

Bachelor and Master Theses at the International Geothermal Centre

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