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The IGA Academy is an institution of the International Geothermal Association (IGA) with the aim of promoting international education and training in the geothermal energy sector. The head office in Bochum coordinates training measures, which are conducted both at the location in Bochum, as well as at other international learning centers. In the long run, the Academy shall develop into a global network of partnering accredited, certified universities and research institutions with site-specific training courses. Courses of different lengths and intensity are envisaged to be given on the full spectrum along the geothermal energy systems value chain. For this technical facilities in Bochum and at other geothermal institutions elsewhere in the world are to be used. Certification is carried out by the IGA and the accredited partner institutions. The contents of training courses include the following topics, which are initially offered in 1-week or 2-week courses:

  • Drilling technologies for geothermal wells
  • District heating systems
  • Geothermal heat pump technologies
  • Power plant technologies (low, medium and high temperature)
  • Reservoir Engineering & Reservoir Modeling
  • Hydrochemistry / Geochemistry
  • Numeric modeling for heat and fluid transfer
  • Project management and financing
  • Regulatory framework conditions
  • 3 level drilling course (for example W120 standard)
  • (Enhanced) Geothermal Response Tests
  • Power plant technologies (high temperature or binary)
  • Reservoir development and reservoir monitoring

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