Certificate- and educational programme „Geothermal Energy Systems"

Description of the GeoZert educational programme

GeoZert - Development of a multi-stage academic certificate- and educational programme "Geothermal Energy Systems" for target groups with various temporal access and qualifications.

Geothermal systems are rather complex technological systems. They combine the fields of civil engineering, technical building service and supply engineering. However, in comparison to the solar and wind sector, there are no integrated and professionally linked technical and academic training courses. Therefore the International Geothermal Centre Bochum started the project GeoZert in the course of Germany's qualification initiative "Advancement through Education: Open Universities".

The project develops a course programme for the development and realisation of geothermal energy systems connecting several technical and academic levels. The course programme will be put together and implemented in cooperation with national and international project partners. The course programme "Geothermal Energy Systems" will cover two interlinked and coordinated components:

  • surface systems (e.g. heat pumps, energy system technologies, HVAC and also in combination with further energy sources such as solar systems)
  • subsurface systems (e.g. the bore hole and the development of geothermal reservoirs using an open or closed system such as geothermal probes or deep wells)

The concept will primarily focus on teaching systems expertise; this means it will aim at providing an understanding for the interlinked surface and subsurface systems at an academic as well as technical-sub academic level. It will be organised in an inter- and transdisciplinary way and especially addresses:

  • on a technical level the employees of companies with a profession in well construction and civil engineering as well as the professions of thermal and acoustic insulation fitters, plumbers, heating installers, electricians. 
  • on an academic level career changers from technical professions and college dropouts
  • on a professional level the study fields of geophysics, geology, geo-engineering, drilling technology, material technology, heat transfer and fluid mechanics, building physics and project management.

With this thematic orientation the course programme "Geothermal Energy Systems" aims at an industry, where there is a shortage of specialists. 

You will find further information (in German) about the promotion and an overview of all promoted projects here: www.wettbewerb-offene-hochschulen-bmbf.de Icon externer Link and http://www.geozert.de/. Icon externer Link

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