Reservoir Engineering and Rock Physics


In order to evaluate the economic outcome of a (geothermal) project it is mandatory to develop a good reservoir model, which is based on its in-situ properties. The data for this model are produced via actual seismic and geophysical borehole logs. Subsequently, the best possible reservoir development and production plan may be derived through the simulation of different exploitation concepts. These results of the various simulation patterns finally lead to one, hopefully successful, geothermal field exploitation concept. For the confirmation and optimization of the developed reservoir model it is helpful to run a small field test after drilling has been completed.

This refers to production and injection tests, which additionally help to characterize the reservoir properties. The hydraulic properties may be improved by stimulating the reservoir. Here at GZB these stimulation operations will be investigated, tested and performed with various fluid types and pump operating ranges in order to analyze the collected data for improved environmentally friendly reservoir and field operation. This full package will be delivered by GZB ́s field engineers including GZB ́s own geophysical borehole logging instruments and, last but not least, reservoir modeling including a scaled field test at GZB ́s drilling test site.


The department Reservoir Engineering and Rock Physics at the International Geothermal Centre manages and carries out its research in the Laboratories of Geotechnologies and Seismic Observation. These laboratories are equipped with: 

  • Micro X-Ray Tomography (µCT)
  • Thermotriaxialcell
  • Core-Flooding experiments
  • Seismic broadband observatory
  • Geophysical borehole logging tools
  • Geo- and hydrochemical Laboratories


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The Rock Physics Network is an interdisciplinary and international group of researchers combining expertise in numerical modeling, lab-measurements, field-investigations, and statistics.



  • Rock physics


  • Rock mechanics
  • Borehole geophysics
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Digital Rock Physics
  • Hydro- and Geochemistry

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Reservoir Engineering and Rock Physics
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