Hydraulic DTH Fluid Hammer Drilling as a Seismic While Drilling

Hydraulic downhole fluid hammer systems provide an innovative, field proven technology for fast, hard rock drilling from slim to regular size holes down to potentially any depths. This technology performs via rotary-percussive mechanism, also generating high-energy downhole axial signals for seismic-while-drilling (SWD) purposes. In this work we describe a seismic-while-drilling experiment using a down-the-hole (DTH) hydraulic water hammer as the drill-bit source in a shallow well drilled at the GZB test site. The main objective of the test was to investigate the performance of this type of drill-bit seismic source for 2D and, in perspective, also 3D reverse VSP purposes, to analyze its seismic emission in relation to the drilling parameters, and to experiment and evaluate technical aspects for further development of an automated SWD system integrated into the hydraulic DTH hammer drilling system. We present results with real data obtained during the experiment and by deferred processing, and analyze the related drilling conditions. We show that the processed seismic signal contains clear and wideband seismic events. Finally we discuss perspectives for the development and improvement of the DTH-SWD integrated system, to optimize measurements and implement automated acquisition parameter control for regular full-scale SWD surveys.


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